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The Award Ceremony for 2018 Cultural Festival of the Dormitory Area was Held  

In the afternoon of December 20th, the award ceremony for 2018 HBU Cultural Festival of the Dormitory Area was held in the Handan concert hall of its new campus. HBU Cultural Festival of the Dormitory Area has a long history, during which the selection of “dormitory star” has been performed for 16 years, and the “contest of dormitory decoration” has been conducted for 24 years. This cultural festival is aimed at commending the dormitory groups who are diligent, persistent, civilized, positive, virtuous and are outstanding in team work and have new characteristics of this era in college study, scientific research, academic papers, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, artistic creation and volunteer services.

A great many excellent dormitory groups display their good creativity of culture, high standard of design and distinct features of the time, and meanwhile a large number of students with good characters, fine scholarship, comprehensive quality, innovation and entrepreneurship present their youthful style and realize their personal growth through the broad platform of HBU Cultural Festival of the Dormitory Area. The cultural festival of the dormitory area plays a leading role in further thickening the cultural atmosphere of this college, increasing the cultural knowledge of its students, and fully realizing the functions of the dormitory area in educating people with aesthetics, affecting people with culture and improving the humanistic qualities of students.